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Welcome to Symmetrik MD, where we specialize in Advanced Aesthetics, achieving Facial Harmonization through non-surgical procedures with results so natural, that you will wonder why you did not find us sooner. Our focus is precision. We do not simply address facial anatomy clinically; we meticulously map it using facial ultrasound for our advanced procedures. Safety is our top priority, and we promise personalized treatments tailored to your unique features. Dr. Cesar Fernandez MD, our esteemed Founder and lead aesthetic injector in Miami, is an internationally renowned Educator who prioritizes education alongside transformation. Beauty is not just about change; it is about understanding, safety, and enhancing the natural masterpiece that is you. Experience Symmetrik MD, where beauty meets science, and every face tells a story worth celebrating.

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    Cesar Fernandez MD

    Empowering Your Confidence With Results That Enhance Your Natural Beauty

    Meet Dr. Cesar Fernandez, the visionary Founder and Lead Injector at Symmetrik MD. He is a Board-Certified Physician in the ever-changing fields of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Aesthetic Medicine with 12+ years of experience. As the lead aesthetic injector in Miami, he continually expands his expertise in Aesthetic Medicine and shares his knowledge by instructing fellow injectors in the artful application of dermal fillers and neurotoxin. Dr. Fernandez also serves as the Lead Trainer in Florida for Derma Medical’s expansion to the USA, a prestigious training academy where he initially honed his advanced skills in London, United Kingdom. Dr. Fernandez also provides a world-class one-on-one injector training course for individuals interested in entering the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He also offers advanced courses tailored for seasoned injectors seeking to further enhance and broaden their skillset. Explore his impressive list of certifications below:

    • Zack Ally MD, Derma Medical | United Kingdom
    • Arthur Swift MD, Swift Beauty | Canada
    • Ayad Harb MD, Aesthetic Intelligence | United Kingdom
    • Fernando Silik MD, Creator of Rino 4 Puntos | Argentina
    • Dr. Igor Alves, Clinica Transformando Faces | Brazil
    • Julie Horne RN, Swiss Aesthetic Institute | Switzerland
    • Chris Surek DO, Injection Anatomy | USA
    • Steven Weiner MD, Sonosthetics Facial Ultrasound | USA
    • Alfredo Ferreyra, Facial Ultrasound | USA
    • Dr. Subbio, Needle Art | USA
    • Raj Acquilla MD, RA Summit | United Kingdom
    • Sebastian Cotofana MD, Cotofana Anatomy | USA
    • Shino Bay Aguilera MD, Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology | USA
    • Erika Barry NP-C, MSN, Moksha Aesthetics | USA
    • Jacob Sanchez CRNA, Get Refreshed | USA
    • Limor Weinberg ARNP, The Clinic | USA
    • Iani Silveira FNP-BC, Bella Vida Instant BBL | USA
    • David Jativa MD, New Face MD | USA

    and 60+ other training experiences!

    As an experienced Medical Doctor-led practice, our team of qualified Providers conducts procedures with a profound knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and stringent safety protocols, effectively reducing risks and complications. We utilize state-of-the-art technology like facial ultrasound to elevate precision and safety in our advanced non-surgical procedures. Experience a transformative journey as a patient at Symmetrik MD.


    Brands We Offer

    Non-Surgical Facial Balancing

    Non-surgical facial balancing encompasses a range of procedures designed to harmonize and refresh your facial appearance. Our aesthetic injector in Miami skillfully uses a combination of injectables to restore volume in specific areas and refine contours. Dermal fillers are meticulously administered to sculpt various facial features such as the nose, chin, jawline, cheeks, and even the glutes. They are also used to address shadows and restore volume in areas like the tear troughs, mid-face, pyriform/nasolabial folds, submental area, neck, and hands. Additionally, neuromodulators are used to smooth both static and dynamic wrinkles, as well as to relax masseter and neck muscles, leading to facial slimming.


    We Make Sure in The End:

    “It Was Worth it.”

    For A Harmonized Profile

    Non-Surgical Nose Job

    At Symmetrik MD, we offer the Non-Surgical Nose Job procedure, also referred to as Liquid Rhinoplasty, using robust dermal fillers. Dr. Fernandez conducts a thorough examination of your nose and collaborates with you to understand your goals, ensuring the selection of the most suitable fillers and optimal, natural-looking results. The chosen hyaluronic acid filler is then strategically injected into different areas of your nose to enhance your facial contours, providing the desired shape and symmetry. Dermal fillers can effectively address depressions, hollows, and shadows, straighten the nose, and correct any asymmetries, resulting in a harmonious and balanced appearance.


    Liquid Facelift

    A liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure wherein a unique combination of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers is used to enhance your facial contours. Dermal fillers are used to restore your skin’s hyaluronic acid and collagen reserves, and neuromodulators are used to soften your expression lines, such as the bunny lines, forehead lines, and frown lines. Our aesthetic injector in Miami may also incorporate Dysport and Xeomin for gummy smile correction. Each liquid facelift treatment plan is individually curated according to your specific goals.


    PDO Threads

    Symmetrik MD uses barbed and smooth PDO threads to provide instant facelifts without surgeries, incisions, general anesthesia, or downtime. The chosen PDO threads are carefully inserted underneath your skin tissues to elevate the sagging facial tissues and encourage collagen production. This makes your face look instantly youthful, and the results continue improving as your body produces new collagen fibers to replace the PDO threads. This is the ideal treatment for patients seeking the results of a facelift without going under a knife.

    Cira Marquez
    Cira Marquez
    Dr. Fernandez and his wife are the perfect team ! We had our first app on line , he took the time to explained to me , step by step what I need it … he’s so professional so I trusted him from the beginning and after I saw the results he was completely right for everything that he suggested for me . If you are looking for someone that you can trust and also do a really good job on your face , this is the right place and the best team !!!!
    Janusy Paz
    Janusy Paz
    Highly recommend putting your trust in Dr. Fernández, I took my time with doing each procedure recommended. Never felt presurred or rushed, i loved the results. Amanda is truly a pleasure and provides such detailed info. They are a fabulous team together.
    Angelika Ciullo
    Angelika Ciullo
    LOVEEEE THIS PLACEEE!! Never going anywhere else. Got my lips dissolved and then later redone and it was smooth and easy, didn't feel a thing and my pain tolerance is really low. They really know what they are doing here. highly recommend :)
    angie bueno
    angie bueno
    A friend recommended Symmetrik to me. I made an appointment and met with doctor Cesar, he was great, I really appreciated his patience with all the questions I had for doing fillers in my lips. I explained to him how I wanted my lips to look and he got me there! I have been going to him for over a year now and I am so happy to have found him!
    hafsah deen
    hafsah deen
    Dr.Fernandez has been the most artistic injector with vision to inject my face this far. I’ve tried many doctors/injectors to reach my goal which failed. Dr. Fernandez exceeded my expectations in just one appointment. He is patient and listens to exactly what you’re asking for, he takes his time insuring safety and satisfaction. Amanda is just wonderful. They both truly give you their undivided attention. By far my best experience so far. Thank you a million. 🙏
    mariana junger
    mariana junger
    I trust Dr Fernandez 100% and recommend him to all my friends! Him and Amanda are super lovely, they always answer all my questions and understand the natural look that I like to go for. I’ve been to other places before and would always leave feeling like I wasn’t myself. Highly highly recommend!!!
    Andreza Klapatsch
    Andreza Klapatsch
    I was really impressed with the results!! Dr. Fernandez was fast and efficient. He was able to fix my asymmetrical eyes like no one could ever do it before. Botox was amazing, the right amount for a fresh and natural look! Staff is very friendly. Amanda is a sweetheart. I highly recommend it.
    Jose Antonio Basabe
    Jose Antonio Basabe
    Best experience ever. The most professional team in the field Symmetrik. Dr. Fernandez is extremely knowledgeable and has the best communication skill set, along with the best eye for aesthetics. True expertise enhancing your natural beauty with amazing and realistic results. Highly recommended. Great staff, friendly team, great ambiance. At Symmetrik you will feel safe and in the best hands. Again cannot stop bragging about Dr. Fernandez. Truly a pioneer in the field.
    Ty Antoine DeSouza
    Ty Antoine DeSouza
    I wanted a refresh and was fascinated by the options offered today with fillers to smooth and even reshape one’s face. A friend recommended Symmetrik. They far exceeded my expectations. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I opted for facial rebalancing plus smoothing in eyes and mid face & jawline. I’m more than happy with these results to say the least . All pics are unretouched.
    Alexandra Munoz
    Alexandra Munoz
    A calm and clean environment. Extremely detailed and thorough explanation about the procedures and methods of practice. They took there time educating me and making me feel confident and comfortable. I absolutely love the natural results!

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